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Cody Clayton President, Remington Development Corporation

Success came early for Cody Clayton. He was still in junior high school when he found it on his neighbourhood’s snowy streets.
“I shoveled sidewalks for whatever people could afford to pay me,” he says. Clayton cleaned up – literally and figuratively. But he never considered keeping all that money…

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Recent Donors

  • What does the Power of Potential mean to Lafarge? Lafarge’s ambition is to be involved in building better cities, similar to YMCA Calgary’s ambition to build healthy communities.  These forward looking ambitions are well aligned for improved potential in the places we live, work and play.

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  • What does “potential” mean to you? “To us, the Power of Potential is just a way of expressing the importance of giving people the opportunity to become the best version of themselves.  This is particularly important for children and young adults in their formative years, and we know that the YMCA has many programs aimed […]

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  • Building on its vision to respond to vital community needs through supporting charities, YMCA Calgary is thrilled to announce a transformative gift to our Power of Potential Campaign by the Calgary Foundation. On Tuesday, October 4th, the Foundation announced a donation of $2 million to YMCA Calgary to support our expansion to meet growing community […]

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  • “We believe in giving back to the communities that we work in, through both volunteerism and direct financial support,”

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  • I realized the Y isn’t only about bricks and mortar; it’s about providing services to the community,” says the Chairman of Melcor-Reit, a real estate development company…

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  • Heidi Girling couldn’t believe what she was seeing – a smile on her eldest daughter’s face…

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  • The Y has a great understanding of what its constituency’s needs are,” she says. “It offers something for virtually everyone, from initiatives aimed at new Canadians to a program for cancer survivors…

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  • Asked what her life would have been like without the YMCA, Analu Lobos is clearly stumped.
    “It’s just impossible to imagine,” she says. Lobos was a toddler when she left Argentina with her mother and grandmother to settle in Calgary…

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  • In his crisp suit and designer tie, Ron Deyholos presents the image you’d expect of a managing partner of a corporate law firm. No wonder, then, that when he talks fondly about a week recently spent camping at a lake…

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  • On an early morning at the Saddletowne YMCA, parents watch quietly, and a little nervously, as one child after another rolls head first into the pool. Then there is an eruption of cheering as each kid pops back up to the surface…

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Impact Spotlight

The Idrees Family YMCA Financial Support Recipients

Every parent wants to be the hero now and then. When his youngest daughter Grace pleaded to go to Camp Chief Hector YMCA, Muhammad Idrees made it happen thanks to a couple of superpowers – patience and persistence.
“I called and called for weeks and finally they had a spot,” he says. “Grace was so excited and she was counting down the days.”…

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