About the Power of Potential

There is a Growing Problem

A rapidly growing population and a growing child health crisis – both are hard to miss in Calgary, but they can also be easy to ignore. Not for the YMCA. We’re already seeing an increased demand for our programs and services. Obesity and inactivity are having a troubling effect on our children.

How We Help

We’re now taking the greatest strides in our history to do more about both of these issues:
  • We will soon be operating three brand new YMCA facilities being built by the City of Calgary. That’s three new places where people can come to get healthy, feel connected and tap into their potential.
  • We’re significantly upgrading Camp Chief Hector YMCA, so more kids can experience this fun and unique outdoor learning environment.
  • And we’re greatly expanding our community services to reach even more families in communities all over the city.

Our Commitment

Doing all of that costs a lot of money. Doing nothing costs much more. YMCA Calgary is committed to raising $30 million dollars from donors just like you in order to make this critical investment into the health and wellness of all Calgarians and particularly children.
Why the YMCA?
You know the Y. You may even work out at one. But there’s a lot more going on here than spin classes. YMCA Calgary is a charity dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming place for every kid to reach their full potential. Thousands of children, teens and young adults participate in our programs and services. We’ve got the experience, the commitment and now the opportunity to provide more help.
By equipping and operating three new YMCA facilities, upgrading Camp Chief Hector YMCA and expanding our community services, we are in the right position to welcome and support many more people who will call Calgary home. And because we believe in being accessible to everyone, we will continue to help families get their feet in our door by providing financial assistance to those who need it.
Why Now?
Because Calgary is getting bigger Our city is welcoming dozens of newcomers every single day. As Calgary grows, the YMCA is growing with it to better serve the communities we all live in.
  • From April 2014 – April 2015, Calgary’s population grew by 2.99% to 1,230,915 (2015 Calgary census)
  • The population is expected to grow by nearly 150,000 people by 2019 (City of Calgary)
  • 1 in 5 children and youth coming to YMCA Calgary need financial assistance
And because Calgarians are getting bigger, too. Canadians have a weight problem and the potential implications for children are shocking. The rising rates of obesity among kids are expected to cause them to have shorter lifespans than their parents. (New England Journal of Medicine)
  • Nearly one third of Canadians aged 5 - 17 is overweight or obese (Statistics Canada)
  • Kids spend 44 hours on average in front of a screen each week
  • Less than 10% of children get the 60 minutes of heart-pumping activity they need each day (ParticipACTION)
  • Calgary has the second youngest population of all major cities (Statistics Canada)

How Will my Donation be Used?

Capital Funding $23 Million

The $23 million we raise in donations will go toward the three new facilities that the City of Calgary has chosen us to equip and operate. That’s three new YMCAs where thousands more people can come to play, learn, grow and connect.

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Camp Funding $4 Million

The $4 million dollars we’re raising will allow us to make much needed upgrades, so more kids have the opportunity to experience personal growth and uncontrollable giggles at camp.

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Community Funding $3 Million

We believe our work is important, and that it’s important to work with more Calgarians. The $3 million dollars we’re raising is to expand our Community branch and programs that strengthen the spirit, mind and body of individuals – especially children and youth – and teach community responsibility and service.

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